6 reasons why VR is a must have for Lasertag arenas (VR + LASERTAG = ❤️)

6 reasons why VR is a must have for Lasertag arenas (VR + LASERTAG = ❤️)

Since the 1980s, commercial Lasertag systems have been widely popular and with thousands of Lasertag venues worldwide, it remains a top attraction for leisure activities. At TOWER TAG, we understand the concerns that FEC operators may have regarding VR technology. Therefore, we created in partnership with HOLOGATE our wireless and PC-free HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE system with Lasertag operators in mind, making it easy to operate without the need for a VR expert.

The LBE industry has experienced various technological advancements that come and go, but VR has proven its longevity and other proven benefits.

Our aim, as former competitive Paintball Players, was to develop an LBVR solution that could replicate the level of excitement players experience when they don their goggles (or, in this case, VR headsets). Drawing from the game dynamics of Paintball and Lasertag, we translated these into a virtual reality format.

Furthermore, with the virtually limitless possibilities of VR, we were able to create environments that are so vast and expansive, it would be impossible to replicate them in the real world. By combining this with a unique teleportation technique, we found a way to offer this level of immersion on a remarkably small footprint.

HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE is the perfect addition to your Lasertag Arena, and here are six reasons why:

    1. Low maintenance: With no cables, battery-powered VR headsets, and no PCs, HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE is operated via a touch tablet in online and offline modes. This means less hassle for your staff and more time for your customers to enjoy the game.

    2. High throughput: With a player capacity of 8 per match, HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE allows for a staff to customer ratio of 1:8, which can increase your revenue potential.

    3. AI-powered live broadcasting: HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE offers an AI-powered live broadcasting VR esports feature, allowing spectators to watch the action in real-time on displays or online streaming services like Twitch or YouTube. This creates excitement and curiosity for the next match, enticing more customers to try it out.

    4. Award-winning game design: HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE offers a next-level VR Lasertag experience with its award-winning game design. Players can choose from several maps, game modes, and environments, and regular updates add new features and expand the library of awesome maps and worlds.

    5. Small footprint free roam: HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE offers a unique locomotion teleportation technique, allowing players to experience huge game environments on a small footprint of 36 sq ft / player.  

    6. High retention rate: With competitive gameplay and a high score list, HOLOGATE TOWER TAG BATTLEZONE creates a desire in customers to challenge themselves and improve their scores. Offering a redemption system to award returning customers is a great way to engage with them and keep them coming back for more. Regular updates add new features and expand the library of awesome maps and worlds. This means you don't have to commit to a huge investment in redecorating your Lasertag arena.

    Feel free to contact our sales team for further information.

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