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Enjoy the Full Tower Tag Battlezone Experience

Get TOWER TAG Battlezone with a one-time purchase and a yearly subscription fee that includes access to new worlds and regular updates, so you can enjoy the full experience:

Improved Tracking for Seamless VR Experience

TOWER TAG Battlezone features improved tracking technology, making for a more seamless virtual reality experience. With our cutting-edge technology, you can move around the arena and engage in intense battles with ease and precision.

Haptic Tower - Feel the Gameplay and Increase Immersion

Our Haptic Tower technology allows you to feel the gameplay and increase immersion. With advanced haptic feedback, you can feel the impact of your shots and with the Haptic Tower you can feel your surroundings. This creates a truly immersive experience that will keep you and your customers coming back for more.

Intuitive Operator Device - Control the Action with Ease

Our operator device puts you in control of the TOWER TAG Battlezone experience. With just one device, you can host up to 8 players and easily set up teams, match times, game modes, and switch environments. Plus, the radio function allows you to communicate with players and provide assistance when needed.

Live Broadcasting - Made for VR eSports

Utilize our one-of-a-kind live broadcasting feature that enables spectators to watch the in-game action in real-time and get excited for the upcoming match. You can showcase your TOWER TAG matches to a wider audience, host eSports tournaments, and stream them on platforms like Twitch to attract new players and build your business.

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